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Summary Provides GUI functionality for your C++ program.
Category libraries
License BSD License
Owner(s) amin


Algier GUI Library

Welcome to the project page of Algierlib. A library just for creating and handling graphical user interfaces.
I'm working in the first step on a Win32-implementation. Later a port to Linux and Unix-based systems is possible.


What is the goal of this project?

Developing a GUI library in a modern style for basic UI requirements, with native controls (a.k.a. widgets) and for multiplatform.

What are the high-level assumptions or ground rules for the project?

  • a clean public ISO-C++-interface, i.e. no macros or compiler specific extensions
  • writing very good user documentation that helps beginners and professionals
  • easy to build and use library
  • Provide compiler independent build scripts (bjam)

What is this project not?

This library don't want to be a complex framework for applications. Most components like threading, XML processing, filesystem etc. are already out there and available. In the future most will be in the next C++ standard or TR2. You can combine Algierlib with this components without any difficulty.


  • Modern object orientated design
  • Uses model-view concept
  • Layout algorithms
  • Internationalization with std::wstring
  • Use of ISO-C++ standard and TR1 library for strings, events, object management etc.
  • Use of C++ namespaces, RTTI, enums and exceptions
  • No macros
  • No pre-pre-processor